Just over 1000 years ago the Vikings came pouring out of their homelands to trade, raid, conquer and settle, driven by a thirst for adventure. They dominated much of Northern Europe and in Britain they dominated the Wirral Peninsular. As they sailed their majestic long bats into the River Dee they would use Tanskey’s Rocks ('The Tooth Rocks') as a water break sailing past Hilderberg Island (Hilbre Island) to Meols. Look out of the porthole in Tanskey’s today at low tide and marvel at the sight of Tanskey’s Rocks that rise out of the water, named by the Vikings over 1000 years ago. Now Tanskey’s cafe-bar is the centre of top quality coffee’s and handmade individual cakes and yet a tranquil haven to romanticise over a carafe of wine served with olives and tapas as the sun sets. Perfect to waste away the hours for any occasion.