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Saturday 25th September

Based on a true story about an under-dog ski jumper who tackles various challenges in order to become the first participant to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski-jumping. Sport/Comedy Starring Taron Egerton (Rocket man, kingsman) & Hugh Jackman (The Greatest Showman, Les Miserable) 1hr 46m


Friday 8th October

Biographical musical drama based on the personal & musical life of Elton John rising to fame from originally performing rock music at local pubs before meeting a Music Manager who creates havoc in his life. Winning Golden Globe for best actor by Taron Egerton (Eddie the Eagle, Kingsman) 2hr 2m


Friday 29th October

Set in 1880 Thomas Edison (the inventor of the electric lightbulb) and George Westinghouse (the inventor of gas fuel) engage in a battle of technology and ideas that will determine whose system will power the new century and be the greatest inventors of the Industrial Age, causing the ‘War of Current’. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, The Immitation Game) 1hr 47m


Saturday 13th November

A retired spy, Gary Oldman (The Darkest Hour, Hannibal) is summonsed by the Government to investigate if there is a secret soviet spy within the UK Government. Cold War spy thriller 2hr 7m


Saturday 27th November

A Chinese thief (Jackie Chan) joins an eccentric Englishman (Steve Coogan) who plans to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days to win a bet. Along the way, they encounter several obstacles and a detective determined to impede them. Adventure comedy 2hr


Saturday 18th December

Black & white Christmas fantasy drama classic. George Bailey (James Stewart) is down on his luck. As he stands on the bridge contemplating suicide on Christmas Eve, his guardian angel, Clarence appears and begins to show George what his town would have looked like if it hadn't been for all his good deeds over the years. Loosely based on the Charles Dickens Christmas Carol. 2hr 11m