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Wine & Beer @Tanskeys

In addition to regular hot and cold drinks we have a fantastic range of beers and wines, including champagne.

So whether you're in the mood for a warm well-rounded red or a refreshing light white we have a large collection to cater for all tastes.


Fresh and juicy, smooth and rich, or wonderfully elegant...

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Wine of the Month

175ml | 250ml | Carafe | Bottle

Jean d'Aosque

£4.45 | £5.45 | £10.75 | £15.95

Elegant with Aromas of red fruits and kirsch, round and full bodied

La Pintora
Carbenet Sauvignon

£4.95 | £5.95 | £11.45 | £17.50

Aromas of blackcurrant fruit and a soft spicy note, with a round and rich palate and smooth finish

Grant Burge
Benchmark Shiraz

£5.85 | £6.85 | £13.55 | £21.00

A lovely fruity, plump shiraz which makes for excellent everyday drinking


A great selection of white wine, including dry, sweet & medium

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Wine of the Month

175ml | 250ml | Carafe | Bottle

Lodez Sauvignon Blanc

£4.45 | £5.45 | £10.75 | £15.95

Fresh delicate, green fruits with lovely tangy, bright finish

Lavilla Nanni
Garganega/Pinot Grigio

£4.75 | £5.75 | £11.25 | £16.25

Ripe and fruity with good crisp acidity and plenty of soft fruit flavours

Carlos Serres
Viura Rioja

£5.25 | £6.25 | £12.25 | £18.25

Refreshing Rioja with lemon and toffee apple hints

Grant Burge
Benchmark Chardonnay

£5.85 | £6.85 | £13.45 | £21.00

Elegant well balanced with good weight and rich fruit character

Pitau Marlborough
Sauvignon Blanc

£5.50 | £6.50 | £12.50 | £20.50

A vibrant, citrussy wine full of ripe gooseberry, passion fruit and cool lime flavours

Sparkling and Rosé

Whether you fancy a bit of fizz or a splash of rosé we have a great selection

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Wine of the Month

175ml | 250ml | Carafe | Bottle

Casteltorre Pinot
Grigio Blush

£4.75 | £5.75 | £11.25 | £16.25

Soft pink colour, refreshing burst of strawberries

Canyon Road
White Zinfandel

£5.70 | £6.70 | £13.50 | £19.85

An aromatic and flavoursome wine, brimfull with strawberries and cream

20cl Bottle | Bottle

Bosco Dei Cirmioli
Prosecco Spumante

£5.50 | £21.00

Fruity notes of peach, green apple, acacia and lilac. Fresh and light

Bosco Dei Cirmioli
Rose Spumante

£5.50 | £21.00

A sophisticated and deep bouqet with summer fruits

Baby Prosecco
Di Maria

£6.75 for a 20cl Bottle

A real quality Prosecco and in a very handsome bottle too, this really punches above its weight on all fronts


Peroni, San Miguel, Guiness, Old Speckled Hen



half £2.20 | pint £4.20


half £2.10 | pint £3.85










Surger: Guinness


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mains and drink

every weekend


Light Bites

Choose from a wide range of light bites:

  • Home-made classic Italian bruschetta with tomato and herb topping £4.25
  • Traditional Mediterranean white-bait with a pot of tartar sauce, a wedge of lemon and a rocket salad garnish £6.25
  • Home-made 'pate of the day' served with either warm crusty bread or toast and a pot of caramelised onion chutney £6.50
  • Panko coated breaded squid rings with a wedge of lemon and sweet chilli sauce £6.45
  • Beer battered cod goujons with tartar dipping source £5.95
  • A bucket of home-made chunky potato wedges with sea salt and cracked black pepper £2.95
  • A selection of Italian meats with warm crusty bread £5.75
  • Fresh marinated mixed olives £2.75 (complimentary if you have a glass of wine!)
  • Extra virgin oil & balsamic vinegar with warm dipping bread £2.75
  • A trio of humous, tzatziki and taramasalata dips with warm bread £4.25
  • Garlic bread £3.75

Please ask a member of staff which wine they would recommend with each dish.

Morton's Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake


[ffb_param route=”o gen text”]Please see our fresh cake display for today’s tasty treats or alternatively we have some trusted favourites:


Hot & Cold Drinks

Teas & Coffees @Tanskeys

Passionate about creating you the best possible cup of tea and coffee

From morning coffee to afternoon tea, whether you need something warming or something refreshing we have the drink for you

Tea & Coffee

Breakfast Tea, Early Grey, Fruit Teas, Americanos, Lattes

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mains and drink

every weekend


Pot of Twinnings Tea


Selection of Fruit Tea’s




regular £2.20 | large £2.75


regular £2.40 | large £2.95


regular £2.45 | large £2.95


regular £2.65 | large £3.00

Caffe Mocha

regular £2.95 | large £3.45

Caffe Latte

regular £2.65 | large £3.00

Hot chocolate

regular £2.95 | large £3.75

Add a splash of flavoured syrup to your coffee for an extra 50p

Cold Drinks

Apple Juice, Dandelion & Burdock, and lashings of Ginger Beer!

West Kirby handpicked 100% organic apple juice


Cloudy Apple & Yorkshire Rhubarb with cinnamon


British Dandelion and handpicked Burdock with star anise


Ginger Beer with malted barley and a squeeze of lemon


Lemonade with elderflower & crushed juniper berries


Wild Strawberries Scottish Raspberries & cracked black pepper


Seville Oranges & Sparkling Mandarins with ginger


J2O Orange & Passion Fruit/Apple & Mango/Apple & Raspberry


Dilute Orange/Blackcurrant/Lime Cordial


Pure Orange / Pineapple / Cranberry Juice


Kiddies Animal Cup Drinks


Bottled still/sparkling water


We have a great selection of soft drinks

to quench your thirst



A wide range of drinks for all occasions!

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